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Complete Domain Awareness in Cyberspace

Approximately 95% of all enterprise networks are vulnerable to cyberattack. Close to that percentage have already been compromised by external attackers. The resulting loss of intellectual property from Fortune 500 firms alone has been described as the largest wealth transfer in history. Hundreds of millions of consumers have had their identity information compromised. Losses, both financial and reputational, to businesses and shareholders stretches into the tens of billions of dollars annually.

Despite this massive and ongoing security failure, the security status quo for digital society today remains trust; trusted insiders to protect and administer digital systems and trust that security systems will work as expected. However the challenge with all modern security solutions is that there is no mechanism to verify that they are working. Whether firewalls, anti-virus, sandboxing or multi-vector execution they all hope to catch the bad guys but you are given no choice but to trust that they are. Yet it only takes one successful breach or malicious insider to suffer a loss of your most critical intellectual property. Trust without verification is clearly a failed strategy.

After suffering a crippling, prolonged national-scale cyberattack, Estonia recognized that a new approach was needed, one that could provide verification that security measures are working. Under the auspices of the Estonian Government and the small country’s private sector, in 2007 a team of Estonian cryptographers, network architects, software developers and security specialists designed a exabyte-scale authentication and real-time alerting system for networked digital assets. The team named their invention KSI (Keyless Signature Infrastructure). The deployment of KSI on networks and infrastructure provides instrumentation for all digital assets, including firmware, software, configuration parameters, routing-tables, data stores and event logs. This monitoring capability is in compliance with regulatory risk management framework guidance (NIST SP 800-53, CNSSI 1253, and ICD 503).

KSI provides the basis for attributed networks; complete transparency, accountability, attribution and auditability for networked society. Today preventing unauthorized acts on attributed networks is impossible. But it is possible to provide 100% detection and real-time mitigation of attacks, system compromises and any other unauthorized changes to networked digital systems. Guardtime KSI is delivering this capability to the world’s largest enterprises, telcos, governments, and financial institutions.