KSI Technology

As the only mathematically provably secure, real-time data authentication technology, KSI (Keyless Signature Infrastructure) allows you to say goodbye to key stores, certificate management, trusted insiders and third parties. 

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Attribution And Data Lakes: The Future of Big Data

KSI attribution means enriching all data with a new form of metadata such that all activity can be attributed back to a source and time – paving the way for a new level of security, transparency and accountability.

BlockCloud: Re-inventing Cloud with Blockchains

Blockchain technology can transform our society from one that is trust based to one that is truth based - parties can choose to trust each other, but they can also independently prove what happened.

6 Reasons Why Encryption Isn’t Working

Losses from cyber breaches to businesses and shareholders stretch into the tens of billions of dollars annually and it's getting worse. Silicon Valley’s mantra to deal with these threats is still the same: encrypt everything. It isn’t working. Integrity must come first.

Ericsson and Guardtime Partner to Create Secure Cloud and Big Data

Ericsson's offerings shall have built-in KSI-based forensics capabilities at point of receipt and offer real time protection from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), malicious insiders and corrupt practices.